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Monthly R.E.P.O.R.T

Hey 2DA Friends!

This summer we were busy popping up all around Ontatrio with 2DA Market. First off, thank you to everyone who came out to support our business. We stopped in over 10 locations and the 2DA community showed their love in every spot. Our highlights this season were our barn market on Windswept Farm, our collab with Trish Magwood on her island in Pointe Au Baril, and being so close to home at YF Patisserie in Creemore. (Dangerous though- have you tried their baguettes?)

We are packing the trailer up for the season but that does not mean we are done! You can shop all of our products online, make an appointment to shop in our studio, or we can come to you for private shopping parties- just shoot us an email and we can plan something that works perfectly.

We are also hosting our annual Holiday Barn Market on November 18th, so save the date for your holiday shopping!

This fall and winter we plan to keep you updated through our Monthly 2DA R.E.P.O.R.T (Reading, Eating, Playing, Obsessing, Recommending, and Treating).


Tom Lake, Ann Patchett, Laurie’s review:

Ann Patchett has done it again. Hooked me in with her effortless words, and brought me straight into Lara’s world, as she recounts her young adult life to her 3 grown daughters.

The present tense is set on a cherry farm in Michigan, and the past is on Tom Lake at a summer theater company. This book is about choices, family, and the little things in life. Patchett is so effortless in her description as she weaves from past to present.

“What if…” is frequently asked of Lara.

It’s a question I can relate to being of roughly the same age. This is my favourite quote:

“One morning you’re picking cherries with your three grown daughters and your husband goes by on the Gator and you are positive that this is all you’ve ever wanted in the world.”

Relatable for sure.

Everything I Know About Love, Dolly Alderton, Tessa’s review:

Everyone in their 20s needs to read this book. Hilarious and heartbreaking, this memoir by Dolly Alderton makes every 20-something-year-old feel a little less lost. Right from the first page, it feels like Alderton is chatting with you like she's your best friend. Not only comforting, but this page-turning memoir has taught me so many lessons about myself and my relationships. Could not recommend this book more.


Tomato everything!

It is a really great feeling when the hard work and hours finally pay off and you can finally pick some veggies from the garden (Thanks Tim/Dad). This year our tomatoes were the star, and we have them coming out of our wazoos. This simple lunch is a family favourite and one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your tomatoes (good bread necessary).


With our new puppy Roo.

We recently adopted our puppy Roo from Helpaws, an organization based in St. Lucia. She came to Toronto on Sept 13th with 22 other puppies and is settling right in with us at Windswept. She is a little ball of energy with the biggest heart and she follows the “play hard, snuggle hard” mindset in life. Daisy is so happy to have a puppy companion, Kevin is not so sure yet, but we are sure it won’t take long for them to become best friends (Fingers crossed as Kevin rules this roost).


Over fall styles (chunky knits, Sybil, denim...)

Fall style is our absolute favourite- closets packed with chunky knits and denim, and we are so excited that we created the Sybil jacket to pair perfectly with all our fav fall looks.

Slightly oversized, it's the layering piece you didn’t know you’d love so much.


An e-bike excursion.

I (Laurie) recently splurged on an electric bike to get around the hills of Creemore. I’ve always been a sporty person but have you tried biking here? It’s not easy! Enter my e-bike, still a fantastic way to get exercise, and get further while exploring the countryside. It makes the hills so much easier and when I need a little extra help I just hit the handy dandy turbo button. :)

In Creemore, Collingwood, and the Blue Mountains, there is a self-serve bike rental where you can take out an e-bike for a half day. Check out Georgian Trail E-bikes and try it out this fall!


Ourselves to some eye candy by Maxine McCrann

Maxine is an artist from New York, living and working in Toronto. We have followed her on Instagram for a long time and when we heard she was the resident artist at The Lobby in Toronto we had to go. Her art emphasizes the importance of being ‘around the table’- sympatico with the 2DAs vibe. She is unbelievably cool and her art is fabulous. Time to treat yourself to some Maxine McCrann art that just makes you smile.

Thank you for reading our monthly R.E.P.O.R.T! Check out our Instagram and TikTok page for all the frequent updates.

All the best

xx 2DAs


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