About Us

2 Dirty Aprons, created in 2019, is a mother-daughter collab where we craft great recipes and share our healthy lifestyle and life on our farm with you. Windswept Farm in Creemore, Ontario, is our home base, where we try to use local ingredients in the kitchen and cook as healthy as possible (of course with the odd brownie or two thrown in). For now, 2 dogs, 4 ducks, and 5 chickens (and a couple of boys) are great company on the farm and we are constantly grateful for it all. 


Although we love to cook, we also get up to other antics. Tessa, the Small Apron, is in her final year of high school after spending four years at a ski academy in Collingwood, Ontario. She is a devoted, high-performance ski racer who trains all year round and is constantly on the road, searching for snow. Laurie, AKA Mama Apron, is an incredibly talented artist who has spent many years honing her craft in her studio in Creemore. Both of the Aprons have much more to offer than just cooking (as you can probably tell from our cooking videos...) and find joy in connecting with others on our journeys. We bring back our experiences and share them at the farm through food and lifestyle. We hope that you join us on our voyage and enjoy every step of the way!

xx 2DA