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Fabric Gift Wrapping

Who says don't judge a book by its cover? Sometimes it's hard not to, and in this case what's on the outside is quite special too. We scoured vintage stores and found some inexpensive silk scarves (no Hermès here...) to use as wrapping paper this holiday season. If you can't get to a vintage store now, try your Grandma's drawer, or use tea towels, large hand printed napkins or even ends of fabric.

Did you know that printed wrapping paper is not always recyclable? We are all trying to be less wasteful and we think this is a pretty way of doing it.

We found out that using fabric as wrapping is a Japanese art called furoshiki. When using furoshiki, the first step is to still your mind. As you fold and tie the fabric, focus on the person for whom the gift is intended.

See our Instagram for a video using a vintage Saks Fifth Avenue silk scarf printed with a Santa Claus. How much better can this season get?!

Happy wrapping!

xx 2DA


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