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Our Barn Renovation

One of our favourite places on our farm is our barn. It is over 100 years old and we are sure it has stories to tell. It has housed cattle, sheltered old cars, been a peewee hockey venue, had ashes scattered outside it. We’re sure it’s seen a first kiss and has initials carved into its wood.

Windswept barn renovation- removing the siding and you can see that it's been red and green over the years!

Situated at the top of a blustery hill of what some have said is the highest point in Ontario, it sure has taken a toll. Our farm is named Windswept for a reason!

We have hired builders from a Mennonite community to bring it back to its former glory. Over the next couple of months, we hope you’ll follow along to see the progress.

Inside the barn during reno

Seeing a meaningful part of rural Ontario being preserved is important to us. We can’t wait for the next hundred years of memories to start.

Here are some photos of the Windswept barn that we have captured over the years:

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Love it. Look forward to watching its progress.....

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