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Hot New Cookbooks

Is it just us or do you guys enjoy cookbooks as much as we do? We literally spend hours flipping through the glossy pages and bookmarking our next culinary adventures. As holiday shopping is ramping up, we thought we share some of our new favs with you.

These can all be purchased at our neighbourhood bookstore, Curiosity House in Creemore. If you can’t make it there, they ship!

photo by Curiosity Books

Here are our short reviews of 4 new releases that we have fallen in love with. We've included four of our fav pages and recipes we've tried. We are suckers for beautiful photography, so it's a given that they all have that in common, but that's where the similarities end. Let us know if you have any to add to this list. We can always ask Santa for more!

Old World Italian

Old World Italian- Mimi Thorisson

This is armchair travel and cooking at its best. Mimi Thorisson is effortlessly chic in a fabulously European way. We totally have girl crushes on her. She lives in Italy and France with her husband, 8 kids, and numerous dogs. She effortlessly whips up stunning meals with local produce and makes it all look so simple. This book focuses on her family life and cooking in Italy, exploring various regions and their cuisines. The stories and photography are beautiful and almost make you feel like you’ve been transported to Italy, almost. On our bucket list one day- Mimi holds cooking workshops in France and Italy, we are just trying to decide which country would be better... 😜

Oh She Glows For Dinner

Oh She Glows For Dinner- Angela Liddon

A plant based easy to follow cookbook. Meal plans and menus for celebrations and small get togethers, Angela Liddon makes it all really easy and healthy. As a Canadian author and chef, she makes it simple to shop for ingredients and follow along with measurements too. We love her descriptions, they seriously make our mouths water. This is a beautiful, colourful cookbook that makes cooking fun and nutritious.

Mandy's Gourmet Salads

Mandy's Gourmet Salads: Recipes for Lettuce and Life- Amanda WolfeRebecca WolfeMeredith Erickson

Can you say stunning? This cookbook makes you feel like you are dining in one of the many Mandy’s cafés in Montreal. Patterns, patina and colour, the Wolfe girls hit it out of the park with everything they touch. Find recipes for all their scrumptious salads, bowls and even their famous chocolate chip cookies. As a teenager, I babysat these girls, so it is also really fun to read all the side stories about their lives and what they’ve accomplished. And no, none of their culinary skills came from me, unless there was a "how to order pizza section" I missed?? 🙃

Love and Lemons Everyday

Love & Lemons Every Day- Jeanine Donofrio

Another gorgeous plant based book we can’t get enough of. This is our go-to gift giving cookbook. We love the beautiful fresh photos, and the colourful charts with everything from salad dressings to date balls. This will have your tastebuds tantalized! We love how simple yet different this book is. Tips on using your cauli stalks to roasting the perfect veg, it’s unique and oh so yummy!

Pretend to be surprised if we gift this to you. 😏

Happy reading! xx2DA

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I am wondering if we can get the recipe for Mandy's Spring Detox dressing to go with that Clean Green Salad.... Or else I guess I will just have to put the whole recipe book on my Christmas list. Oh and Meredith Erickson, who I see co-authored the book with the Wolfe girls, wrote Alpine Cooking, another amazing cookbook.... though not quite as healthy as this one appears to be.

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