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Chocolate fondue

Who says you can't have chocolate fondue in the summer? No one in our household!

Take advantage of Ontario's strawberry season when it is in full force. The berries are sweet and bright and chocolate elevates the whole mouthwatering experience.

To set the mood, display the stunning red berries in a beautiful vintage pressed glass compote- find this and our little ceramic fondue pot at the @2damarket, and add pieces of beauty around such as this chrysanthemum tea towel, also sold at the @2damarket.


  • 1 1/2 bar (6 oz) Bakers semi-sweet chocolate

  • 1 bar Jersey milk chocolate

  • 3/4 cup table cream (18%)

  • 1 quart of strawberries


Heat a small saucepan with water over medium heat.

Slice chocolate into small pieces and place into a small, heatproof bowl.

Place chocolate bowl over the small saucepan to melt*.

Working in 2 tbsp increments, add table cream and stir in until fully combined. Continue adding until the desired consistency is reached.

Remove the bowl from heat and pour into the fondue pot.

Enjoy with the sweetest Ontario strawberries you can get!

* Make sure no water gets into the chocolate. This will ruin all the chocolate and you will have to start over. Also make sure to stir continuously so the chocolate doesn't burn.


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