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Stunning, eye-catching, and one of a kind. 100% handmade bag that has been carefully crocheted by women from the Wayuu tribe in Colombia.

This versatile Wayuu tote is designed for on the move. It is perfect for running errands and everyday use. A unique feature is its patterned wide bottom that allows the bag to stand on its own, making it easy to store and access your essentials.

These bags are ethically sourced and carefully crafted over a course of 3-5 weeks using a single thread technique. Single thread is the highest standard of Wayuu bags; they are made of individual balls of one continuous thread for each color, creating a much tighter knot, making them durable, washable, lighter, and do not stretch or unravel.

The maker takes care of ethically sourcing and respectfully modifying the original aboriginal designs to fit modern-day life, without losing their essence and magic.

Yellow Wayuu Bag

  • Machine washable 

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