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Our Holiday Table

This holiday season is going to feel very different from the ones we have seen before. No gatherings, and only immediate family. But regardless of the circumstances, we will be decorating our farm and celebrating with each other, all four of us! Of course we wish we could have friends and extended family but we will be embracing the fact that we are lucky enough to have each other. This change to our plans isn't holding us back from decorating though!

For the past couple of months, we've been searching online for vintage items to change up our usual look. We've fallen in love lighter colours and different patterns instead of the more traditional look. Mixing brass and different glass candle holders creates a really magical tablescape. Subtle rose, beige, cream and grey candles add a beautiful warmth. Patterned plates add a touch of whimsy and placemats with winter scenes anchor the look. For the centerpiece, we've created a tiny village complete with a sparkly forest. Since our farm is on the edge of a forest, we cut some natural cedar and pine to bring nature indoors and added it to our mantle. Use the links below to find some of our favourite ways to dress up your table, almost all found in Canada!

Sean George Pressed Glass for all of your wine goblet needs!

Taper Candles in beautiful colours made in Canada from Camilia Home

Anthropologie for whimsical plates like these.

Hopson Grace for stunning Inuit art placemats, where a percentage of the sales go back to the Cape Dorset artists.

Small paper village from Lagom 142 that can be used on a table, mantel, windowsill, or even strung as a garland.

Small brass candle holders from this Canadian Etsy shop Dantage Assorted glass candle holders from this Canadian Etsy shop A&S Vintage

We wish we could invite you in to enjoy this with us, but until we can, hopefully you'll be inspired to decorate as well this season. We hope it brings you some cheer and warmth to your home.

Happy Holidays! xx2DA


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